Women's Self Defense Class


Private Women's Self Defense Class for your Group

Safety and survival in today's world requires that women know self defense. There are various types of assaults and our women's self defense class gives you the best chance of survival by utilizing simple, effective, and proven self-defense tactics and techniques.

Our private sessions for your group only require one 3-hour session. Women learn:

  • Practical Self-Defense - practical and effective self-defense techniques and tips
  • Increased Awareness - what to do in dangerous situations
  • Effective Escape Techniques - how to get away quickly
  • Crime Prevention - how to minimize the chance you will be attacked
  • Using Your Body as Your Weapon - give yourself a fighting chance
Please contact us for information on a private session for your family, friends, work associates, and other groups. Our class can be scheduled on a date convenient for your group.

Especially Designed for Women

Our practical and effective self defense techniques are especially designed for women. Learn how to protect yourself in one three hour self defense class.

All techniques are taught by experienced Black Belt instructors in a non-threatening, non-intimidating atmosphere. This session does not require a lot of strength and all techniques are taught in a fun and safe atmosphere. Participants do not need to be in top physical condition or well coordinated.

One Session Only

Our women's self defense class is a three hour workshop. Women learn defenses to:
  • Unwanted intruder in your home
  • Unwanted advances
  • Attacks on the street
  • Attacker on top
  • Hair pulls
  • Being choked
  • Attacker with a weapon


Founded in 1979, we are the longest running Women's Self Defense school in Long Beach. Our self defense program has received commendations from the Mayor of Long Beach and the Governor of California.

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