New Students


Class Fees

Pay by the month, no long-term contracts. You only pay for the months you attend class. Monthly fees are only $45 per person per martial art. For example:
  • Take Jujitsu OR Karate for only $45 per month
  • Take Jujitsu AND Karate for only $90 per month

Register at the Door

On the first Monday and Wednesday of each month we welcome new Jujitsu and Karate students into our martial arts classes. You may register at the door your first class. We accept cash and checks only, no debit or credit cards. You can expect to learn:
  • Practical Self-Defense - practical and effective self-defense techniques and tips
  • Traditional Martial Arts - proven techniques
  • Effective Escape Techniques - how to get away quickly

Your First Martial Arts Class

Arrive early. New Jujitsu and Karate students should arrive 10 minutes early the first Monday or Wednesday of the month. This allows you time to register and pay at the door. You only pay for the months that you attend class. If, for some reason, you are unable to make the first Monday or Wednesday of the month, you may still start the second class of the month. If you are unable to make the first or second class of the month, please wait until the following month to start class.

Wear comfortable clothing. We will size you for a uniform (Gi) your first week. Even if you already have a martial arts uniform, we ask that you wear comfortable clothing to your first class. Our facility (dojo) does not have lockers, so please leave your valuables at home or in your car. We permit spectators to watch class on an occasional basis.

Orientation. Like anything else, learning a new activity requires a time commitment. Our new student orientation flyers provide you with additional information about our school, what you can expect, how to contact us, etc. Please read the information on our site and feel free to ask questions when you visit our school.


Founded in 1979, our Lakewood Budo Kai martial arts school has offered Jujitsu, Karate, and Women's Self Defense classes in the Long Beach area for over 30 years. Our school is lead by black belts who have many decades of martial arts training and experience.

Class Schedule